Brief Company History

Since its establishment in 2001 until the present day, the Company has experienced remarkable growth and development. Commencing with Pan Granulation technology, various flagship products such as NPK granules and micro granule fertilizers have been successfully produced. The Company embarked on the use of new production lines, namely NPK Steam Granulation I in 2012 and NPK Steam Granulation II in 2020. By adapting to the latest technological advancements through intensive discussions and studies with experts, consultants, and engineers both domestically and internationally, the Company increased its production capacity and constructed new production lines, rapidly elevating the factory's production capacity for NPK Granule and NPK Briquette fertilizers to 220,000 metric tons per year. In 2023, the Company innovatively transitioned from Steam Granulation technology to Dry Granulation with a production capacity of 72,000 tons per year.

The Company's management remains fully committed to sustaining the Company's growth. Therefore, Research and Development (R&D) consistently seek new breakthroughs to create superior products and enhance the excellence of existing ones. This is evident in the introduction of Slow Release Fertilizer and Control Release Fertilizer products. Additionally, the management continues to promote the realization of precision agriculture systems, where the Company's products serve as crucial support for the success of such systems.

The Company always produces quality products based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard, which is supported by sophisticated and reliable laboratory technology and is supported by a team of analysts who are experts in their fields. The Company has developed NPK fertilizers in various superior formulas, such as NPK 15/15/15 fertilizer, 16/16/16 NPK fertilizer, 12/12/17/2 NPK fertilizer, 15/15/6/4 NPK fertilizer, NPK 13 fertilizer /6/27/4, and etc.
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Company LogoPT Nusa Palapa Gemilang Tbk
Since its establishment in 2001 until now, the company has grown and developed very proudly.
Head Office and Factory:
Jl. Raya Daendles KM 56, Desa Banyutengah, Kecamatan Panceng, Kabupaten Gresik, Jawa Timur

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