Board of Commissioners

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Ir. Ujang Suparman
President Commissioner

He was a founder of the company that experienced in the agricultural and plantation industry since 1989 until then establishing the company in 2001.

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Ir. Gamal Nasir, MS
Independent Commissioner

He has been in the plantation industry since 1985 and served as Director-General of Plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia in 2016.

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IRJEN. Pol. (Purn) Drs. H. Rismawan, MM

He has had a career in the Indonesian National Police since 1976 and served as Kapolda NAD in 2007 and WAIRWASUM POLRI in 2009.
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Since its establishment in 2001 until now, the company has grown and developed very proudly.
Head Office and Factory:
Jl. Raya Surabaya Mojokerto KM 39
Desa Bakung Temenggungan, Kecamatan Balongbendo Sidoarjo, East Java


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